About Us

Welcome to MwaTwo website, Mwatwo is a video sharing platform specifically for music (movies coming soon). This platform strives to make a difference in the entertainment industry.

We believe everyone deserves a chance to be heard by the world and this is the time for all upcoming artist to showcase their music to millions of people in the world. Submit your music video to www.mwatwo.com so that millions of people can have a taste of your voice and talent. Upcoming artist this is your time to shine.


1. Submit your music video
2. Here at Mwatwo we will review your video (we are not here to judge or evaluate your talent, this is just a precaution in making sure that we are posting acceptable content that fits with our website values. Remember violent or nudes’ videos will not be accepted keep it to yourself)
3. accepted videos will be published, and confirmation email will be sent.


Artists are offered an opportunity to get their music to be featured at the forefront of sponsored page for 24 hours, first email admin@mwatwo.com. Artists will have to pay some money to be featured at the forefront but otherwise submit your music video and wait for the review.